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I bought a bracelet in April 2010, while in Borrego Springs, California, it is turquoise and copper and I thought afterwards, "I could have made that". It is a beautiful bracelet and I still love it, but now I am making beautiful pieces.

Please email me if you are interested in a piece, I would be so pleased to hear from you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some of my first pieces from spring

This is made from copper and some Green Turquoise, some lampwork beads as well. It is a focal piece that looks great with jeans!

This was my first focal, made at a workshop with a wire master, I have taken a lot of instruction from her and am fortunate that she lives in the lower mainland, her name is Eugenia Chan

This is silverplate not sterling, I made all the links that have gone into this one at a Links workshop with Eugenia. I put together the necklace after I came home with a large bag of links! I am definitely in love with turquoise and keep choosing gems and lampwork beads in that colour! There is a pearl in this necklace and a large crystal but I think my camera makes them hard to make out! As sterling is very pricey and at another all time high, I chose silverplate to learn with, it does not need polishing if that is an advantage but the disadvantage is it does not bend and twist easily and requires a lot of hand strength to work with!

This is again a copper and lampwork piece, the focal is very green and turquoise but looks near white and pale in the photo, darn!!

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